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i've looked around for quite some time now and all i've heard people is that u can only fit 8" subs behind the seat of a 2000 Crew cab i wanted to kno if anyone on here has ever has ever put anything bigger..ikno they've come out with shallow mount subs and was wondering if anyone has any experience with these..
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I just wired a 10" Kicker in a shallow truck box because the stock deck seems to be missing the low end and it sounds great. I am grown out of the alarm-setting, granny-deafening low-end bass that makes one want to invest inhearing aids and have come to appreciate the little "extra" that the 10" sub creates. The Kicker 400 Watt amplifier fits perfectly under my driver's seat and the sub sits ver well behind the drivers seat, snug under the fold-down seat right behind me. I am 6'1" and with the seat all the way back, the box is securely fit behind me. Good luck with anything else without sacrificing serious cab space as I have the KC.

I had a 2003 KC SC and I had a 12" JL that was rediculously loud and took up half of the rear of the back cab. It didn't last long but it was extremely loud. Sounded good but function is more important to me than award-winning bass.
ive got two 8" and want to put them in a 04' cc.
would like them to go under the front seats but i dont know if its possible.
if so, does anyone have the outer box dimensions?
just looking for some feedback before i tear it all apart.
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