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Stripped strut mount bolts! Need advice.

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So I was installing a 2" spacer lift yesterday on my 05 4x4 fronty. The passenger side went in fairly painlessly, except for breaking 2 sockets on a stuck bolt.:-x
The drivers side was a different story. First I couldn't get the sway bar end-link nut off without spinning the bolt, but he real problem is the three upper strut mount bolts. I was using a breaker bar, and two of them stripped making the nut rounded, and when trying to get the third off, I found it was spinning the stud with the nut.

Any suggestions as to how to get the three nuts loosened? And if I can't get them off or have to cut them off, would I be able to replace the studs, or buy a whole new strut? I'm kind of at a loss, and as it is now, the truck is 2 inches higher on the passengers side. Looks pretty goofy.

Any help is much appreciated.
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i haven't done this on a frontier yet but see if a vice-grip can clamp onto the stripped bolt well enough, i hate those kinds of free spinning type studs where if the threads get screwed up then the nut just turns it...
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