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Streaking windshield?

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Sorry if this has been discused already, the search function doesn't work with my iPhone. My windshield streaks when it rains. It's VERY difficult to see at night when it's raining. I bought the truck used so maybe someone put RainX on it. I'd like to know how to correct it if it's factory or RainX. I am about to replace the windshield it's so bad.
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Even though the wipers may look good, replacing them almost always stops the streaking. You couldn't even see out of my wife's Murano in the rain at night. Even though they looked perfectly good, I replaced the wipers. The difference was 200% better vision. Same with all my vehicles. Wiper blades should be replaced each and every year just before Winter. They take a serious beating when they just sit there during the Summer and Fall. They lose their ability to flex and that is what results in the streaking, chattering and inability to wipe cleanly.

Replacing them costs less than an oil change and you only have to do it once a year. Just FYI - I've found the solid piece expensive blades to be crap. When it gets cold they stop flexing and stop wiping. How do I know? I ended up spending triple on wipers the beginning of this Winter because I bought those POS wipers and had to replace them with regular Anco wipers 1/3 of the way into Winter.


i'd say replace your wipers, then cut a potato in half and rub the cut side on your windshield and see if that helps.....

...if not, maybe you can try to rub rubbing compound on your windshield to try and smoothen things out...
Don't use rubbing compound!!!!! It will scratch!! :censor: Use SoftScub.

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