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Streaking windshield?

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Sorry if this has been discused already, the search function doesn't work with my iPhone. My windshield streaks when it rains. It's VERY difficult to see at night when it's raining. I bought the truck used so maybe someone put RainX on it. I'd like to know how to correct it if it's factory or RainX. I am about to replace the windshield it's so bad.
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I think the factory glass just sucks period. It almost seems as if it soaks stuff up and holds it. Aftermarket glass always seems better on every vehicle. But to keep the factory glass I think Rain-X works wonders. Not to mention you can stop using the wipers all together. Clean the windsheild the best you can and coat the hell out of it...You will see what I mean.

I was going to replace mine for the same problem and my girl friend added to the reason. Ran into a tree branch
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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