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Hi, all! I have a 2003 Nissan Frontier with the 3.3 V6 4x4.

Mileage is 146k: a few weeks ago, I was driving the car, and after 10 minutes and reaching engine temp, it began to run very rough, like there were bad misfirings happening. I limped it to a shop, which during diagnostics told me I needed a new knock sensor, plugs, wires, distributor and rotor, and egr valve. They wanted almost 3000 to do the work, largely due to charging me three times for the labor to remove the intake manifolds.

With a little help, I removed the upper and lower plenum, replaced the knock sensor, plugs, wires, distibutor and rotor. All new parts. We put everything back together and fired it up. Purred like a kitten at first. Once it hit temp, it started running rough again...

Now, it will run smooth when cold, but run rough when at temp, to the point of stalling out at idle.

Any thoughts? Plan is to change egr next. Any way to bypass? Clean it?

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