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stock indash 6-disc cd changer

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are these capable of reading mp3 cd's?
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And no, a 2nd gen CD player will not fit inside a 1st gen. Well not until you modify the metal brackets that hold the stereo to the truck. It's close though. Plus if you have the steering wheel controls you will need to mod those too. (however, I tired with the rockford fosgate 2nd gen stereo so a non RF may work).
Wow, mine reads mp3's Unless im getting confused... Im pretty sure i burned mp3's onto my CD.
Not with a stock 02 radio. If it's Rockford Fosgate then no to that too. However, in 2004 there are some that will read MP3.

But hey I would love to be wrong because I really would like the stock RF to somehow play mp3s either CD or aux.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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