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Stock Bilstein Suspension -Clunk

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I've had a clunking issue with my truck since I first got it, it's never been too serious though to get right on it and figure it out... but today I'm feeling the urge to get to it.

I only hear it in the front right. It only happens when the front right suspension moves down a long way, like if I drive through a dip at a higher speed on the right side, it'll clunk.

Let's say I hit a speed bump at an excessive speed, when the truck bounces upward, the front right clunks, it's never the left.

Other than that, the suspension is basically silent. No squeaks, no clicks, ticks, etc when I'm out doing some basic off-roading.

My only experience with suspension is on Chevy colorados and my last two isuzu rodeos. They are front Torsion bar based suspension systems, easy shmeeezy. I installed all of my rs9000 shocks and the 3 inch longer rear coils on my current rodeo, cranked the torsion bars.. that was easy. Now when it comes to my frontier, I just am not entirely sure where to begin when it comes to finding out what is causing my clunk... could the bilstein shock be loose ? That's the only thing I can think of when I look at it. I haven't taken the wheel off to get a REAL good look, I figured I'd see if anyone on the forums that have dug real deep in these coil based IFS systems can help me out.

I've also thought it would be a good idea to just go ahead and upgrade my front suspension, not so happy with the feel of the front suspension, real stiff (compared to my rodeo, just use to it I suppose, maybe this truck was built to have that feel) and seems to have a very limited amount of wheel-travel. Can I get longer springs and put my own shocks into the hardware that is already there ?

Eek, I'm learnin..

Thanks guys.
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I personally don't care for the Bilstein shocks. Yes, I know they are thought highly of not just here but elsewhere too. I just haven't had any luck with them that resembles good. Do not presently have them on now nore would I ever, same with KYB, the Bilsteins lasted longer than the KYB's but neither were anything to write home about. If you do street with occcassinal off road adventures I would suggest a cheap set of coil overs, I SHOUD be running a lot more than I am but my sorry budget just won't allow it.
I just installed some Bilsteins on my Fronty and am getting the same noise out of the same corner!!! I was thinking it may be the upper rubber coil bump but not too sure. Any other guys have this issue and find a fix?
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