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Stillen SC for you swap guys.

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thought I`d post this here for you builders who do a VK swap.

Goldsboro, NC
Stillen Supercharger Tuner kit 407570T for 2007-2014 For sale is a barley used (6900 miles old) Stillen Supercharger for the VK56 engine in the Titan. Extras included: short blower dive belt, Long blower drive belt. pair of idler pulleys.
you will need to purchase some various size hoses to suit your install.
I recommend purchasing and using CJ`s fuel rail fittings for the crossover tube connection.
Price is $2700.00

shipping is in issue. can make delivery arrangements for interested people in the surrounding area`s to NC for a fee.

I also have ID 725cc injectors
new walbro 255 fuel pump
UPrev harness adapaters for US-Denso plug n play.
UPrev GT Maf

note* PM with question, please don`t muddy the thread with WHY did you remove it type questions. there is nothing wrong with this set up. currently other plans for the Titan. Thank you.


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What kind of power increase over a stock VK56?
What kind of power increase over a stock VK56?
I don`t think I can answer that accurately. There are to many variables involved.

One Titan with zero support mods, lifted 6" and on 35`s yielded a 100 RWHP gain with near same torque numbers.
However my 2013 Titan with a lot of support mods was @ 380+_ RWHP and 405 RWTRQ spinning way under the redline @ 5psi on the dyno.
She was spinning 6psi when the truck was tuned and I was in process of installing a D60 and haven`t been back on the dyno.

Brennan`s swapped Frontier is spinning 386+_ and 420 @ 6psi...

it all depends on your tune, what parts are also in the truck to support the blower.

now if the blower gets ported/modified and the inlet gets modified for a larger TB, then a lot more can be had from the blower.

but as it stood with what I had it was nearly 150HP more than stock and my truck is 2wd, so lighter and quicker on it`s feet...
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U still got this

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not a bad price for what it is. i know brennan did this on his vk, not sure his power numbers.

with how much the vk makes though and how small the frontier is, intake, tune, exhaust will likely be all you ever need on the frontier.
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