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Stillen Leveling kit for the '05?

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Wassup everyone,

Does anyone know about this product from Stillen:

Part Number: 306247
MSRP: $229.00

Just couple of ?s
Did anyone install them on their truck yet?
And what size wheels/tire can you run on them?



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That apears to be the same type of spacer that is used on the Titan's. It goes on top of the strut assembly and bolts back into the truck. Here is a pic of were it goes on the Titan. It's a much better option than one that compresses the spring like the Daystar style. This type doesn't damage the shocks or effect the ride quality either. If you want, stop over to and do a search for "PRG" and you will get tons of info on it. PRG stands for "Pre Runner Greg" He is the guy that makes them for the Titans.

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beastfrontier said:
Thanks qwikwhip. I saw someone with pics on another site that got the leveling kit on their frontier. looks awesome.
It looks like he is now making the kits for the Frontiers. :D Check out this post he made on another forum. If your gonna get a leveling kit, get his. He offers teh best products and service out there. :D 8)
finalfrontier said:
Direct him to here... I'm sure he could scrounge up some business :D
I sent him a PM and asked him to come check you guys out. 8)

Hey's actually a sponsor of your big brother site :D
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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