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Stillen Leveling kit for the '05?

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Wassup everyone,

Does anyone know about this product from Stillen:

Part Number: 306247
MSRP: $229.00

Just couple of ?s
Did anyone install them on their truck yet?
And what size wheels/tire can you run on them?



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Here's the scoop on the new forntiers. As you know they are a smaller version of the titan, but luckily the Frontiers only have an 1" of rake (unlike the titan's 2.5-3"). The kit im building is a "mini lift", its raises the front 2.5" and has a billet aluminum rear block and new u-bolts to raise the rear 2" for a 1/2" of rake. These kits are cnc machined form domestic aluminum and use grade 8 hardware and include an upgraded urethan bumpstop. These spacers are designed to actually inable you to get a socket in the counter bore to attach the spacer to the stock strut assembly. The spacers bolt to the top of the stock sturt and still allow the suspension to sit in the middle of its stroke. The install is usally about 1-2 hours. The rear shocks have plenty of lenght for the 2" rear block. And these kits will work on 2 and 4wd. I have not tried to test fit tires yet, so i cant give an honest answer as to what size WONT rub. I will have the kits available by early this week and for the first run im offering a substancial discount to the fisrt 25 kits sold. I have beat on the Frontier that i have tested them on and the results have been great. My leveling kits are guarantted forever against just about anything, and YOUR satisfaction is also guaranteed. The introductory price for the complete kit is $249, if you want just the front spacer it will be $179. Both these prices are to your door. Please shoot me an e-mail, pm or call 951 780-5331 if you want a kit at the introductory price of $229 for the mini kit. I also hope to be a sponsor for this site too. Thanks...greg
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