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Stillen CAI

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Does anyone here have the Stillen CAI? If so, would you recommend it? Any info would be appreciated.

I know most people like the Volant, but I live in California & need something CARB legal.
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I had one on my 06 frontier didnt really care for it did not fit well ran the truck very lean!!!!! might be ok if u got a tune
its just a replacement box I'd still run an Injen,AEM or volant. the volant is a closed box so if you have a good/chill guy at the inspection area should let you pass
Why would a CAI keep you from passing your inspection? As long as its 50 state legal of course...
Because California has very strict smog laws. No CARB sticker = No dice.
I was actually referring to the guy in NY. I understand the CARB deal...
My AEM sounds great, good power, and came with a CARB sticker to boot! lol
I've got one on my 08 and like it. When I initially put it on, I had my tuner off of the truck (was in the process of getting an ecu code fixed by the dealer; P0456) and I noticed a nice initial gain in low and mid range power. But when I put the tune back on my truck, I didn't notice a performance jolt like I expected. I guess that’s more of a tuner issue. The intake uses a tube that pulls air from the fender, like factory, but the Stillen tube uses the entire oval space that is there; I'd guess about 75% larger opening. If I had it to do over, I'd buy it again.
Nissankidd, how did you know it was running lean?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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