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Figured I would post up for you all first before going the FB route.

As the title says, used Stillen CAI for $175 shipped (I'm sure shipping will cost me ~$25) - listed as $330.61 for a new unit at the Stillen website. Comes with two USED Amsoil and K&N filters and clamps - I would clean the filter that you choose if I were you before installing. The Stillen filter box cover is NEW with the protective film on both sides - NEVER used. I got clear plexiglass from Home Depot and made a clear cover so that I could inspect the filer at all times without removing it - I will sent you the clear cover for reference but it needs to be replaced if you choose this route. All hardware is included with the exception to 1 of the bolts and flat washers that mount the cover (7 of 8 included) - typical thread that can also be bought at home depot.

In box:
Complete Stillen CAI
Two air filters - came with one K&N filter and I purchased the Amsoil filter later.
Two filter box covers - Stillen cover is NEW and a clear plexiglass cover that you can use for reference.
All hardware except 1 bolt and washer that mount the cover (7 of 8 included) - lost after removing cover to clean the filter awhile ago. Can be bought at HD
Instructions - I will print a copy from the Stillen website before packing up.

Everything fits in the box that I got from Stillen.

LMK if you have any questions. Will ship the day after it's paid for via [email protected]@l friends and family or you cover their cost.

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