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Steering squeak fix?

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I have a squeak coming from where the steering shaft comes out of the firewall.

In the pic attached, it seems to emanate from where the rusty shaft protrudes from the round piece that's blurred in the background.

Is it a matter of simply greasing that area or does the squeak point to something worse to come? If greasing is the solution, can someone point me to where and how?



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What you have is an upper steering column shaft with a "rag joint" at the end (where you are pointing) which connects to a lower steering shaft with a universal joint. 2002-2004 Frontiers actually had a recall on the lower shaft because the joint would get rusty and bind up. If you're certain the squeak is at the upper shaft where it exits the column, you could try spraying WD40 towards the column and see if that helps. If not, it "may" be a worn out rag joint. Nissan sells the rag joint as part of the upper column shaft, which runs about $150 online plus shipping and appears to be still available. I know there are "rag joint repair kits" on the aftermarket; I believe Dorman Products "HELP" line may have them. I do not know if it'll work on a Nissan column, however.


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There shouldn't be anything behind the rag joint to grease.
Well, mind as well get it done! It's free!
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