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Took the truck into the dealer for its first repair work yesterday. I had added NISSAN Power Steering Fluid twice and it was low again and the steering was starting to "jerk" when I turned left. They said the steering rack was shot/leaking and is going to have to be replaced. Seems odd at only 12k miles, but its under warrenty, so whatever. They had to order the part though, so I've gotta take the truck back on Monday.

Also had them look at the TPMS sensors because I've always gotten the light in error (I just never cared enough to take the truck in for just that). Before someone says the tires are low because of the cold weather, let me emphasize that the tire pressure is within range; its a sensor issue. Anyway, they indicated that they checked the tire pressure and re-calibrated the system.

I was driving back home yesterday and then to work this AM and the light came on again both times, just like in the past. What typically happens is that I drive for maybe 10 miles and then the light starts to flash. Sometimes it goes solid, sometimes it just flashes. Then after 2-3 more miles, it turns back off. It seems to start flashing more often when I have to slow down from an otherwise constant speed (ie for a stoplight or traffic on the highway), but sometimes also happens while just maintaining speed. I know the TPMS is a common issue, so does anyone who has had the issue and gotten it correctly fixed have any recommendations on what to tell them to do to take care of it correctly?

Sorry for the long post, just trying to get all the details in there up front.
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