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Steel bumper and spring rates

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I purchased a set of Radflo coilovers for my 2014 P4X a few months ago but haven't installed them yet. At the time I wasn't planning on getting an aftermarket bumper so I went with the 600lb springs. Now I want to get a steel front bumper and most likely a winch down the road. The Shrock bumper and radiator skid plate weighs around 155lbs. Greg at PRG said he would swap out the springs on them for me for no charge. Which ones should I go with? 650? 700? I'm also running P&P sliders.
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Greg at PRG got back to me and recommended the 700lb springs

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On the Xterra with a Shrock, winch with synthetic line and the sway bar off the 600 was rather bouncy, but I got a good deal on 650lb springs and with them on the front is tighter than it was with the 600 and sway bar. I think the 700 would have been overkill for my setup and I do have the steel rear tire carrier and full skids and sliders, so it is about as heavy as I can get it.
Do you have any sag or lose any height?

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