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I gotta rant about these dummys, I needed new tires for my big rig and an oil change. I went in there and they cut me a deal on some Firestone 11R24.5. I gotta admit they where pretty sweet tires almost an inch of tread virgen rubber, and at the time they were the best deal, $3,200 bucks for 8 of em' so I went with it, I got the oil and filter changed, also the diffs and EVERYTHING, I spent $1,200 on just the fuilds alone all synthetic.

I should of bailed on them, the first warning sign was the mechanics could not take one of my tires off, his claim was it was dry rotted, I let this one go after a while they cracked one of my rims strike two but I ignored it they got me a new one, after about 4 hours I finaly got my rig back. Thats 4 hours just changing the tires and another 1 for the oil and fluids, thats 5 hours lost, I was starting to get pissed I now work seasonal for a local paving company when the truck is making $100 an hour that is something that is getting to me.

On my way to the job site it rained a little bit, my truck has an Oregon pre-pass system so I have to pull into Washington State weigh stations, well here I am crossing the scale and the Officer stops me. Lone and behold there are streaks running from my bolts on the rims, the richard crainiums at SpeedCo did not tighten bolts on two rims, the Officer give me a "Out of Service" violation $125 dollar fine not only that I am shut down for 10 hours (there goes another $1,000) I had to call a service truck to come out and tighten my bolts for $450 because it was an "emergency repair" I work during the summer paving season and then bs around the rest of the year these people really screwed with me.

I am in the process of getting all that lost money back, I took another day loss by going back there and talking with the manager and he reviewed the tapes and admited "we make the mistake" but even that being said corporate is screwing with me. It is partialy my fault for going aganst my own word of staying AWAY from chain places and not doing a more thourogh pre trip, I am responsible for that rig and what happens to it, I learned my lesson.

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