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spindle install?

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does anyone have a copy of install instructions or description of how difficult a spindle lift install?
i'm thinking it's a medium difficulty with hand tools but can't find install details anywhere, do you need a press, air tools, or anything special or is it pretty much a unbolt the old and bolt up the new? any help would be gratefull. thanks.
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Air/Impact tools make it easier but a breakerbar and a cheaterbar will get the job done. Just make sure you spray penetrating lube on the bolts the night/days before so that your life is a lot easier. Also, stay away from the picklefork since that will tear up bushings.
I forgot about the brake lines, good call Devius1. Could he get by for a couple of days if he just unclips the OEM ones?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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