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spindle install?

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does anyone have a copy of install instructions or description of how difficult a spindle lift install?
i'm thinking it's a medium difficulty with hand tools but can't find install details anywhere, do you need a press, air tools, or anything special or is it pretty much a unbolt the old and bolt up the new? any help would be gratefull. thanks.
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thanks for the help everyone. i've already taken the stock spinles loose a while back when i installed my front spacer. i'm think about adding the spindle lift now but didn't know if there was anything special about the actual hub area of the spindles. have any of you used the spindle lift? if so how do you like it? oh, one more question, performance lifts web site says that you cant use this lift with stock wheels if you run a larger tire, is this true? they say that the tire may make contact with the upper part of the spindle and could possible cause a blow out?? if this is true i guess i could just get some wheel spacers
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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