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spindle install?

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does anyone have a copy of install instructions or description of how difficult a spindle lift install?
i'm thinking it's a medium difficulty with hand tools but can't find install details anywhere, do you need a press, air tools, or anything special or is it pretty much a unbolt the old and bolt up the new? any help would be gratefull. thanks.
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I haven't taken the spindles off of my 06 but every truck I have taken them off it's simple. You take the nuts off and you may have to hit the control arm with a hammer to free the ball joint but thats it. A press would only be needed for ball joint replacement but I don't even know if ours are press in. Place a floor jack under the lower control arm before taking everything apart so nothing hits you.
Yes if you have access to one. The vibrations help to break it loose. Also, the ball joint will not turn on you with an impact wrench.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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