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Special Buy - Airaid CAI

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Okay, I’ve been talking with David Edelman from Premier Trucks, and he has agreed to offer a special price on the new Airaid CAI for the 05/06 Frontier/Pathfinder/Xterra. This is not really a group buy, because there is no minimum number of participants required. So, from now until January 31st, you can contact David at Premier Trucks and purchase the Airaid CAI for $170.00, which includes shipping. Here is a Link to the Airaid web site with information about the Intake:

Here is David’s contact information, let him know you’re a member of this forum:

David Edelman
[email protected]
Toll Free # 888-345-4782
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Well, hello to all here at CF Forums, I just registered today, and made my Introductory Entrance in the "New Members" thread, and received a nice welcome, and saw this great deal from Dave that CF had negotiated with him on these parts.
Well, I e-mailed Dave, about the combo kit, and received a reply within 5 minutes. Talk about service...
I'm ordering the combo (Airaid CAI and Poweraid TBS) at the discounted price of $260 shipped, next Friday.
Thanks to both Dave for providing this offer, and to CF for asking for it, to share with it's members, which I am glad to be a new part of.
Hope to share my experiences with you, and to hear of your trials and tribulations.

Peace All...

Many thanks to 05_NISMO_4X4 (Paul) and Dave at Premier Trucks for the Airaid deal. Dave was very helpful and ordering was a breeze. Installation took only one quarter of the Arkansas/Auburn game and was super easy. No hood bulge, but I did have to drill a hole for the transfer case breather tube. No big deal. It will be hard to keep my foot out of it in order to hear that great rumble from under the hood. Next project: new exhaust system.
Just ordered mine off the website. I emailed David yesterday to inquire about the deal, he response time was virtually immediate.:goodjob: Can't wait to get the part and install it!
i also ordered mine this morning, dave responded to my email in no time at all. i should get mine this friday:thumbup:
got mine yesterday and installed it last night. just wanted to thank dave for the quick shipping, i ordered it on monday and recieved it on wednesday. looks and sounds great!
121 - 125 of 125 Posts
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