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Special Buy - Airaid CAI

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Okay, I’ve been talking with David Edelman from Premier Trucks, and he has agreed to offer a special price on the new Airaid CAI for the 05/06 Frontier/Pathfinder/Xterra. This is not really a group buy, because there is no minimum number of participants required. So, from now until January 31st, you can contact David at Premier Trucks and purchase the Airaid CAI for $170.00, which includes shipping. Here is a Link to the Airaid web site with information about the Intake:

Here is David’s contact information, let him know you’re a member of this forum:

David Edelman
[email protected]
Toll Free # 888-345-4782
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Yes it is! The nice thing is he's offering that price till the end of January, and you don't have to wait for 10 people to decide to buy one. When you're ready place your order and it will ship! I'll be placing my order next week after payday!
I received mine and installed it yesterday! Today on my way home, my mpg computer recorded 16.6 mpg! I haven't seen that since they switched to winter blend gas! I hope it's a good sign. My normal average mpg was about 15.8. I did a quick write-up and posted pictures under another thread!
So, when you spoke with him, did you mention the hose clamp being too small! I keep meaning to call AirAid and tell them, maybe they'll start using a bigger one!
I just e-mailed them also, so hopefully they will send me another clamp. I had to buy two smaller clamps from Auto Zone because they didn't have any big enough, it looks pretty cheesy with the twon on there! I also e-mail Dave and told him as well. I'm sure between all the comments they're hearing, they will have a fix soon!
I received an e-mail from David Lutter at AirAid, and he's sending out a replacemnt hose clamp for me. Apparently the one I got with the kit is the right number, but he's sending another #64 just in case the original was short, and he's sending a #72 also just in case. So, either way, I'll be back to just one hose clamp instead of my cheesy double clamp! I've got to give AirAid an A+ for customer service!

Good luck with the install! It was warm last weekend and I took the filter off and tried again with the hose clamp that came with the kit and got it to work. I think it was too cold the day I originally installed it! I just got back in town last night, and had two new hose clamps from AirAid in the mail waiting on my. I think I'll swap out the original with the longer one just so I don't have to fight it in the event it needs cleaning on a really cold day! Let you know how the install goes after you get your truck back! It only takes a couple minutes, so it's an easy project, even after work!
This one is for the 4.0L, I don't know if they have one for the 2.5L yet, but give David a call or shoot him an e-mail, he's a super nice guy and will give you the straight scoop! It's made a very noticible difference on my truck, I'm sure it would do the same for the 4 cyl as well.
mavrickjr7882 said:
StormNISMO, I could have swon I read here somewhere that the CAI actually use more gas, since the computer wil see more air coming in it will use more gas to reach the set level of each. I was thinking of getting a CAI to try and increase my MPG, I am also getting a Blackmax cover so I was hoping both of these would really help. Was the posting I read mistaken? If anyone can help me understand better so I can make a better descision please.
That's probably true if you have your foot to the floor all the time because the CAI will draw more air, but under normal driving, the amount of air passing through the system should be about the same, it just has an easier time flowing, so the engine doesn't have to work as hard to draw the air in. I think... I have the AirAid CAI and the PowerAid TBS, and my gas mileage has increased!

Why are you getting rid of your truck? Just curious...

That's an awesome price you're asking for the CAI, and it will make someone very happy! If you post it in the For Sale section (you may have, I haven't checked yet), don't forget to mention AirAid's outstanding warranty! No registration needed because if it says AirAid on it, it's covered, regardless if you're the original owner or not! And, I know first hand they mean it, and stand behind their product!
I posted a response I got from David yesterday before the hack, but I guess it was lost!

Anyway, David will still honor the special pricing and combo package price for the AirAid CAI ($170.00) and the combo Airaid CAI and Poweraid TBS (I forgot that price). Just give him a call at 1-888-345-4782 or (623) 344-5054 if you live in Phoenix, AZ. You can also reach him by e-mail at [email protected]

Be sure to let him know you're a member of the Club Frontier Forum to get the special pricing! His prices on the AirAid Products is the best I've found on the web, and AirAid's products are top notch and carry a life time warranty! As an added value, both Premier Truck Accessories and AirAid have the best customer service I've experienced in a long, long, time!
Yep, I'm at the same conclusion! I'm really looking forward to some reviews on the JBA system and look for some good things out of it. You really can't go wrong with Gibson either, I had a Gibson Side Swept on my 99 F-150 and really liked it. My only concern with the Gibson on our Frontiers is the use of 3" pipes. I've read too many places where 3" pipes are too big for the displacement of our engines. Other than that, all the reviews I've read have been favorable.

As for the AirAid, I can personally vouch for the great customer service I recieved from AirAid. I had removed the CAI from the truck when I had the trailer wiring recall done at the dealer and when I went to put it back on I noticed the rubber lip on the filter had torn. After removing the filter I also noticed the MAF Adapter where the filter mounts was warped! AirAid replaced both parts, no questions asked, even though they said the damage was probably due to me overtightening the clamp that holds the filter on the MAF Adapter! I know now that it doesn't take much to keep the filter securely attached to the adapter, and the repalcement parts were at my house within three days! After that experience, I'm a believer!
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Sorry, I posted a reply to you yesterday, but then the site got hacked again and it was lost. I would keep trying David, he can get pretty busy sometimes. He did offer the Volant under a Group Buy around Christmas and several members got one then. I don't recall the price offered at that time, but David will normally give a good discount on anything he sells to members of Club Frontier. I'd keep trying him and be sure to let him know you're a member of Cluc Frontier when you get in touch with him! Good luck and post some pics of the exhaust after you get it installed!

Where did you see the Gibson is 2.5" pipes? Everything i've read thus far led me to believe they were 3" pipes. I'd be interested in seeing where you saw that!
That is interesting, I wonder if the pipe from the CAT to the Y is 2.5"? I went to the Gibson Website, and they have very little information on it either. Their notes for the 05/06 system say 3" tailpipe, 3.5" Tip! Nothing about the size of the pipe from the CAT to the Y! So, maybe it is 2.5" to the Y then 3" from there back!
I think so! All the research I have done indicates the optimum pipe size for our engine displacement and HP to be between 2" and 2.5"! The Magnaflow site states you should not exceed stock by more than a 1/2", and stock from the CATs on our truck is 2". From the Y back is 2.25", so 3" is still a bit bigger than they recommend. Thus the reason I am holding off to see what JBA brings to the table! From what I've been told, the pipes on the JBA are 2" from the Cat to the Y and then 2.5" from the Y back. I think bigger after the Y is okay being as you have exhaust from two pipes exiting into it anyway, thus freeing the flow...
I sent an e-mail to the sales department at Gibson asking specifics on the size pipes used in their system. I'll let you know what they say when they respond. Like I said before, I'm a fan of Gibson, had one on my F-150 and loved it! So, if the JBA doesn't live up to all the hype, I'll probably be going with the Gibson as well. I'm in no hurry though, the stock system is still performing just fine!
I think it's only 1000 miles, I know it wasn't much. I got the AirAid for two reason, 1st was Price, Premier Truck Accessories will sell it to Club Frontier members for $170.00 with free shipping. That's the cheapest name brand CAI I found. 2nd was the design. I didn't care for the look of the CAI's that removed the stock air tube with the Nissan Logo, it leaves the engine compartment looking like it's missing something! Again, this is just personal preference. The design of the AirAid also facilitates a quick change from CAI to stock airbox. My dealership is finiky about aftermarket mods, so I put the stock air box back before I have any work done at the dealership. The change takes less than 15 minutes because the AirAid utilizes the bottom of the stock air box in it's design. It still has the same great sound and performance of the others, so I'm happy with it. I also installed the PowerAid TBS, which is a nice complement to the AirAid CAI. I didn't do any mods until the breakin period was over, but if you think about it, you only have another 400 miles to go, that will be gone in no time!
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NISMO_R6 said:
I was browsing through they have it advertised as 2 1/2" unless it is a typo??

I like how the tip is not rolled compared to the JBA.
I e-mailed reverendbiker, who has the Gibson on his truck and asked him the pipe size of the Gibson... Here's his reply:

Hey, Paul--
Great to hear from you again! I've been lurking on the forum but have been so busy with the motorcycles (Spring is a great time for riding in the Texas Hill Country) that I'm afraid that I've neglected the poor ol' Frontier. The Gibson system is indeed a 3" system from stem to stern. I was a bit skeptical about that decision, because my own experience is that a 4-liter V-6 shouldn't need such a large exhaust. I guess that I have to give the Gibson engineers some credit, though, because the thing seems to work very well. My best guess is that the in-line resonator provides enough backpressure that the 3" pipe is necessary. I've had the Gibson system for over a year and am still pleased with it; the sound is still nice and mellow without being obnoxious, and there is no droning or resonance in the cabin at highway speed. In fact, on the road it's hardly louder than stock. Having said all that, it's pricey. If another owner was on a budget I'd recommend a shop-built system using a Gibson muffler; you'd get all the sound and most of the performance increase for no more than 2/3 the price.
Have a blessed Easter!
jack <><
So, it appears the information on is incorrect, but it also appears the Gibson Engineers took into account the larger pipes and added a resonator to cut the drone and add needed back pressure! I'm still going to wait for the release of the JBA before I commit, but Gibson is definately one of my top choices!
Yep, for me it's down to what the JBA system has to offer! The Gibson is a great system, but in my mind, there is one big con, and that's the 3" pipes! Of course, it's also countered by a huge pro in that it also has a resonator to keep cabin noise to a minimum! The JBA has a lot to live up to, I hope it can handle the task! :p
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