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Special Buy - Airaid CAI

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Okay, I’ve been talking with David Edelman from Premier Trucks, and he has agreed to offer a special price on the new Airaid CAI for the 05/06 Frontier/Pathfinder/Xterra. This is not really a group buy, because there is no minimum number of participants required. So, from now until January 31st, you can contact David at Premier Trucks and purchase the Airaid CAI for $170.00, which includes shipping. Here is a Link to the Airaid web site with information about the Intake:

Here is David’s contact information, let him know you’re a member of this forum:

David Edelman
[email protected]
Toll Free # 888-345-4782
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Ordered mine today!
I have not installed this intake yet ...still in the box untouched,
I am selling my truck so it's got to go :(
if anyone is interested I will sell it for $150 shipping included
05_NISMO_4X4 said:

Why are you getting rid of your truck? Just curious...

I just moved 6 miles outside of Washington DC, and city drivers do not favor trucks 8O
I love the truck to much to have it dinged up, and do not want to put a lot of miles on her commuting.
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