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Special Buy - Airaid CAI

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Okay, I’ve been talking with David Edelman from Premier Trucks, and he has agreed to offer a special price on the new Airaid CAI for the 05/06 Frontier/Pathfinder/Xterra. This is not really a group buy, because there is no minimum number of participants required. So, from now until January 31st, you can contact David at Premier Trucks and purchase the Airaid CAI for $170.00, which includes shipping. Here is a Link to the Airaid web site with information about the Intake:

Here is David’s contact information, let him know you’re a member of this forum:

David Edelman
[email protected]
Toll Free # 888-345-4782
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Ordered mine along with the PowerAid today (Jan 26,2006) should have them by Tuesday.
From what was said on another post, AEM actually makes the NISMO intake for Nissan. Here is the post:
06NissFront6-spSE said:
Back to CAI discusion, is it helping anyones gas mileage and is their much of an increase in HP using the Airaid CAI, I like the fact you can switch it back to the stock box without having to remove a bunch of stuff, Ive looked into every CAI made at this point the Airaid looks like the best deal. BTW, can I still get one for the $170 OTD, Iam always late on all the good deals :D
I saw about a 2 mpg increase after the installation of the Airaid but I also installed the Poweraid at the same time. As for the price I do believe that David at Premier Truck Accessories was still going to honor the $170 for ClubFrontier Members.
06NissFront6-spSE said:
Well I called David at Premier and got the deal on the Airaid, he also shipped it today, so I should have it by Mid next week. David was very helpful and a pleasure to do business with, I told him when Iam ready for the JBA cat-back and TBS Ill definitly check with him first. Ill let you all know how it goes and thanks for all the help here, Iam very happy to be part of ClubFrontier, I really think we have a great bunch of people here.
You won't be sorry with your choice!! :D Between the price, the intake and working with David, I think its a smoking deal!! :twisted:
I think the Airaid performs just like any of the other intakes, horsepower and mpg wise. The big difference for me was that it is easy to remove if you have a picky dealer :lol: , and it utilizes the existing intake tube! Another big difference is that it isn't covered like the Injen or Volant.

You will enjoy that setup, I have the same thing. Especially here in Colorado. It gives the engine the extra air that it needs.!!
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