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2002 KC with the 4-speaker system (2 in the doors, 2 in the A-pillars).

I have a nice HU but the speakers are crap.

I know I can easily replace the door speakers, but what should I use in the A-pillars? Should those be considered just for tweeters or is there a tiny full-range speaker I can put in there so I can get surround sound?

I prefer to stick with the factory wiring and I don't need thundering bass so I probably don't need a subwoofer.

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Component speakers will allow for the separate tweeter to be used in the A-pillar. This can result in extra bright sound due to on-axis tweeters = aimed at your head. I personally prefer silk tweeters for this style.

Coaxials can be used in the doors eliminating the need for separate tweeters.

Lots of great speakers out there. Hertz and Hybrid Audio Technologies (HAT) are two of my faves.
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