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Speaker options - 1st-Gen KC

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I want to install a new nav head unit, that's no problem I'll buy from Crutchfield. The factory speakers (just 4) are shot. I really, really want to avoid messing with the door panels to replace the door speakers. They never go back on right.

What are my options for really good surface mounts? I'm thinking tweeters up on the A-pillars, something under the seats and another pair on the floor up against the back wall of the cab.

Is this a good way to go? Please don't try to convince me to open up the door panels - not going to do it.

Thanks for the help.
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My experience in decades of automobiles is that they never, ever go back on right or as tight as the factory assembled them. Every one I've seen has some corner that's always loose, something rattling, etc. I know you need the right tools too. I just am very leery of messing with door panels... to me, they are a one-time assembled, never touch them again thing, especially on a 14-year-old truck. Maybe I'm wrong.
Ok. I guess you all are right. Looking at a nice Kenwood unit w/Kenwood door speakers.

The truck came with just the 4. I should be able to install a couple more in the back, not looking for uber-bass but a nice surround-sound. What should I put back there?

Oh, also I found these: Kenwood KFC-P709PS. They have a 1" separate tweeter. Wonder if those would fit into the A-pillars?
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