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I loaned my 04 Frontier to my parents for a few days this past week. When I got it back my headset will only play through the tweeters, not the 2-way speakers on the doors. I asked my Dad, & he said aside from turning on the radio he didn't really adjust anything.

Solutions I have tried so far:
-I searched through every menu on the Pioneer headset & adjusted every audio setting-didn't fix the problem.
-I looked up the fuse locations & checked all the fuses-none are blown

Things that I haven't tried:
-pulling the headset & checking the wires
-figuring out where the amp is and checking that (I'm assuming there is one based upon there being a separate fuse for Audio Amp.)

Anyone have any input as to where I should go from here? I'm going to be putting the stock headset back in as I will shortly be selling it, so I'd like to figure this out before I pull the Pioneer.

Also - when my buddy & I wired in the Pioneer it did something to my airbag system because now it constantly blinks on the dash. I checked the 'passenger on/off' switch on the dash & that is properly plugged in.

That plug was the only thing that was touched as far as the airbag system goes. Can anyone give me a direction to search for the cause of this?

Thank you!

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First I would check the fuses on the headunit itself and see if anything is blown there, other than that it would have to be either bad wiring or the headunit has failed.

As fas as the passanger airbag light does, you disconnected it and turned power on to test the headunit before you reconnected the light. This caused a bug in the system. Do a search in the forum in the audio section (there is also a sticky with a bunch of information on this and how to reset it). Quite a few people have done this so it is well documented on this site.
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