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south texas 03 cc here

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hey guys.. ive had this truck for a lil over 2yrs now and kinda not been soo happy with it.. was looking to trade it in for a cube recently but when nissan recently told me they'd only give me like 5-6000$ for my truck i laughed in their face and said screw them.. and finding a used cube is almost impossible down here i figured id just keep the truck til it dies.. im very disappointed in the lack of support for audio and for aftermarket support.. so ive found you guys with some hope.. im very interested in lowering and adding a nice system into my truck.. i currently have a 03 black xe-v6 cc.. sadly it shouldve been a se but is only a one wheeler..
my current mods include:
-fog lights
-thrust turbo muffler with a turndown
-diamond plated toolbox
-cut the bottom of the intake box
-and put a decent pioneer cdplayer

its a pretty truck.. has every option as a se such as matched fender flares, roof rack, plastic bedliner, side rails, gunmetal rims, etc.. but sucks in the sand, mud, etc.. and has that lifted feel but cant offroad for ****.. lol

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