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Hi All,

I have a 2006 Nissan Navara (Frontier) - D40 model. 4.0l V6. I live in South Africa.

Extras on vehicle:
Piggyback chip (added extra 34kW of power)
Performance exhaust (sounds amazing)
Armadillo roller cover over the loadbin
Stainless steel bull bar
Stainless steel running boards
Stainless steel roof racks


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Welcome Mike.

It sounds as if you have a soild rig. Don't be alarmed when people start to ask you about the Vortec style supercharger that is available in South Africa. There has been a bit of speculation about it but the cost of the unit and shipping is what keeps most USA buyers away.

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Hi Dubie2003.


I actually took a spin in a supercharged Navara a while back (I know one of the owners of Rob green Motorsport) - very impressive!

Here is what they say:

Conversion: Supercharged Nissan Navara/Pathfinder 4,0lt V6

The development and the groundwork done on the Nissan 350Z Supercharged conversion have given us the ability to further enhance an already superior conversion, for the Nissan Navara.

Our in-house design division utilizing sophisticated CAD design programs, have created an exclusive design that further emphasizes durability, reliability and presentation.

This again is an exceptionally pleasing to the eye conversion and delivers reliably on its expectations of increasing horsepower substantially. In this conversion we have concentrated on integrating the charge cooler and the liquid reservoir minimizing installation time.

Supercharge Conversion Spec

RGM/Vortech Supercharger (0.55 bar boost)
RGM/MRP integrated charge/liquid cooled.
317 Kw On The Engine @ 6000Rpm
620 Nm Torque On The Engine @ 4600Rpm
Power increase: Average 45% with peak at 70%
Torque Gain: Average 45% with peak at 65%
Road Speed Governor removed
RGM 63mm Stainless Steel Exhaust System
Conversion time 7-10 working days

The Vortech centrifugal supercharger unit we use is a V2 SC-Trim. This unit is renowned for it’s quiet working operation as well as its reliability. It is high pressure oil fed and runs a gravitational oil return to the sump. The charge cooler as well as all other aluminium components have been highly polished. High pressure blue silicon has been employed for boost couplers and other bends. These are secured with Stainless Steel clamps. As the supercharged unit is permanently engaged, the use of the RGM high flow Dump Valve (Recirculation Valve) has been employed to eliminate any surging under light throttle and coasting condition.

We have, in this state of the art design used a RGM/MRP Liquid charge cooler as opposed to an Air to air intercooler. In extensive testing we have reduced boost air temperature by up to 60 degrees Celsius. An advantage of our installation design utilizing a high quality Setrab cooler, that mounts on the front of the car, was that we did not impede on the normal air flow to the radiator. This cooler is also fitted with an additional standalone electric water pump, as well charge cooling in low speed conditions. The total of the 6 litres liquid cooled system is made up of 50% water and 50% Glycol (Anti-freeze).

Other RGM Conversions available for the Nissan Navara

Brake Upgrades (BR1)
Suspension Upgrades (SS1)
Bodykit Upgrades (BK1) Stage 1
Sports Pack.

Please note that none of the RGM Supercharge conversions options eliminates the Air Conditioning.

The base supercharge conversion takes 10 working days to complete

Booking is essential.

This conversion includes our 3 year / up to 100,000 km warranty.

Prices are subject to change without notice. E&OE.

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Post some pics of that thing up!

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Welcome to the forum.
Please include a picture or two so we can see your cover.
I take it the "load bin" is what we refer to as the "bed".

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