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Hey I'm looking to sell one of my subs since i cant put both of them in my kiddie sized King Cab :( So I might as well sell one with its own amp. It is an MTX 9500 T9515-44 ( ANNND a Rockford Fosgate T1000-1bd class mono amp (

They were both used for about 4 months, believe me when i say this is a LOUD setup and I never got around to turn them up, bc i dont want to go deaf lol! build a spec box for this monster and you will have a NIIICE system. the 9500 is louder than a JL W7 - not by much but it is... (look at the MTX link so see the dB levels compared to JL W7)
Ill sell both of them for $999 or Amp is $500 and Sub is $600 if you want the MTX built box I got from MTX directly Ill give it to you for free if you come get it. PM me if you want some pictures or want to make an offer!!

PS I live in Marietta GA (just in case you want to google map it;))
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