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Sound Ordnance Sub fits in 2004 CC?

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I'm looking to add some low end thump to my 2004 Crew Cab without spending much cash, and have recently been looking at the Sound Ordnance B-8P sub:

Sound Ordnance™ B-8P 80-watt powered bandpass subwoofer at

My question is would this fit behind the rear seat of a crew cab? If not, what are some suggestions for where to put this sub? Thanks!
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According to the dimensions of the box on that link... No, that one will not fit. I haven't done anything with car audio in quite some time now but you need to find a small box. I can't remember the exact term but I always called it a "truck box". Basically it's a small low profile box that is specifically made to fit behind the seats of trucks. Then you just need to get a decent little sub to fit it.

Something along the lines of this:Q-Logic 10T100SV Type 2 single 10" truck box with slot vent at
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