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Try to keep this short (ish)...

Lifted 2010 Frontier SE 4x4 V6 CC LB MT, Alcan custom springs (3" lift (+400lb capacity)) in rear with Bilstein 5125 (3") and Bilstein 5100 adjustable at lowest seat setting (side story) w/OME coil springs (average 1.5" lift) + Supreme Suspensions 2" Spacer. Shrockworks front bumper (-0.5"?).
So all that said can assume it will probably level out to 3" front 3" rear.

Most stickies I see assume stock bumper is used, I see the melt mod and its quite obvious rear of OEM bumper is first to interfere with anything exceeding 33" diameter; anyone try larger tires with shrockworks bumper and 3" lift?

Think I should just put a larger diameter tire on OEM wheels? (7.3" sidewall goes to ... 9.5"?? Balloon tires??)

And I can't seem to find the factory offset of OEM wheel!! Is it assumed to be 0mm???? I swear I know how to use google!

Is there an industry "sweet spot" for wheel size offering aggressive tread tires >33"? (17,18, 20" wheel?)

Thank you!!!!

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^This. That combo up front probably would not work/ride very well. Better off keeping the factory springs and setting the Bills at 1" and then adding a small (<1.5") spacer. You can use a larger spacer if you get control arms as well but anything more than 2.5" total lift on stock UCAs usually makes for a poor ride and alignment.

Regarding tire size, for most "normal" people (those that don't want to do a lot of work to make big tires fit) it goes like this:

-Less than 1.5" lift, stock wheels: 32" (265-75-16, stock Pro-4X size)

-2"+ lift, stock wheels: 33" (285-75-16)

-4"+ lift, stock wheels: 34" (295-75-16)
*Probably should re gear at this point

-6"+ lift, stock wheels: 35" (315-75-16)
*Re gear strongly recommended

Any aftermarket wheel with offset different than stock or wheel spacers cause all of these to change and your fitment will vary depending on setup. In most cases, people end up with about 2-4" of lift and 33"s as this is usually all that's needed to handle the majority of off road situations that any sane person would use the truck for.

This does not mean that you can't fit 33"s with no lift (its been done), but you'll need to be willing to do significant melting/trimming/cutting to make it happen. Even then you'll still get rubbing under compression.
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