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Soon-To-Be New Frontier Owner

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Hello everyone, I'll a new member but been reading the Forum for about a month. So impressed with what I was hearing from all of you, I made up my mind to trade-in my Jeep of 15 years for a new Frontier (actually going to keep the Jeep). The local dealer could not locate what I looking for so I had to order it, should be in next month. Can't wait! I ordered the 06 SB Nismo KC with Audio and Tow Packages.

I have a couple of questions and would appreciate any suggestions. I'm looking at these accessories: Body Side Moldings, Hood Protector, Step Rails, Cold Air Kit, and the biggie, a good secure Tonneau Cover (hard, roll type, or maybe fold up). I've checked Brian's web site (YOURNISSANPARTS) and he seems to have the best prices with the 10% discount. The Tonneau, I'm not sure which would be best. I've looked at Retrax, Fold-a-Cover, Pace-Edwards, and the Nissan cover which I guess is not available. Thanks for any help. R.D.
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Any chance you got the traction package also?? If you go off road you will want the locking diffs.
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