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So i'm just now getting to the point with my truck where I wanna post pictures. Bought the 08' SE 4X4 brand new and I'm slowly making progress in my mods and personalization of my truck. This stuff gets expensive REAL quick. My first addition was putting in my OEM fog lights, then I added OEM neoprene seat covers. Over Christmas I installed my JVC KW-NX7000BT Nav. system. Then I installed my el cheapo (8000k)HID conversion kit from for $57.99. There SOOO much better than what I thought i'd be getting for that price. And two days ago I was finally able to get those BFG Long-Trails off my feet and I put on a set of the Firestone Destination A/Ts. They ride just as good as the Long Trails on the road. Havent had a chance to see them off the road yet but i'm sure they'll do better than what I had on there.

I'll add more pics in the daytime when I got some light to work with.

Future Mods: HID Fogs (maybe), Tool Box, CB Radio, Brush guard w/ winch, & adding on a locking rear differential (probably nothing more than a wish).
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