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Some Jerk Scratched my Ride!

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I normally park my truck far away from the truck entrance and against a curb to minimize the chance of scratches/dings. Yesterday, the mall was packed and I had to take the first spot that became available. I had a bad gut feeling about it, but parked there anyway. 15 minutes later when I returned, I found somebody had scratched both by drivers side doors with what looked to be their coat zipper. The one time I break my parking rule and this is what happens! The scratch is in the clear coat only, but after buffing it, it's still noticeable. I have included links to photos of what it looks like after buffing. Should I see if wet sanding will take the rest out, or is that risky? (Disregard the ice around the scratch)[email protected]/4213679275/[email protected]/4213678485/[email protected]/4213677601/in/photostream/
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I didn't notice the scratch with all the other blemishes. what is that stuff?
It's Ice - I washed the truck after the scratch happened to assess the damage and so I could try polish it out.
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