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Some Jerk Scratched my Ride!

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I normally park my truck far away from the truck entrance and against a curb to minimize the chance of scratches/dings. Yesterday, the mall was packed and I had to take the first spot that became available. I had a bad gut feeling about it, but parked there anyway. 15 minutes later when I returned, I found somebody had scratched both by drivers side doors with what looked to be their coat zipper. The one time I break my parking rule and this is what happens! The scratch is in the clear coat only, but after buffing it, it's still noticeable. I have included links to photos of what it looks like after buffing. Should I see if wet sanding will take the rest out, or is that risky? (Disregard the ice around the scratch)[email protected]/4213679275/[email protected]/4213678485/[email protected]/4213677601/in/photostream/
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you would wet sand it with 2000 and then go over it with 3000 dont go any lower than 2000 tho. and be careful it doesnt take much to break thru the clear.
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