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Solid Axle Swap.

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I need info on a solid axle swap for the front. Concerns, price ranges, and amount of fab, steering and what axle, gearing and anything else I need to know.
O1 Nissan frontier 4x4 crcrew cab,
Thanks, your info is aprreciated.
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with front coilovers, your only option would be a three link. if you are going to keep your steering box, the steering arm location is going to determine where you must place the axle.
the most important part of a three link is that the draglink is parallel with the trackbar at ride height.

get your joints from ballistic and you won't have to think about them again, besides greasing them from time to time. use them for the upper link, and two lower links (total of 6).
Forged Chromoly 2.63" Ballistic Joint
i'm running a heim for my frameside mouting point for the upper link and i will be replacing it with a horizontally mounted ballistic joint.

i'm running 5.13's with my 35" tires and they are great. speedo is pretty accurate (+/- 5mph) too.
you are also going to have to modify the tcase crossmember for front driveshaft clearance.

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hey, i didn't say it. i'm genuinely trying to help the guy.
a sas isn't as involved as a long travel ifs setup, but having a long travel sas that can handle some high speed stuff is much more complicated then ifs.
the uca's and lca's are on the same plate thats burned to the frame, right? (its been a while since i have seen it.)

he already has the frame bare, so i think the uca mounts are gone.
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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