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Solid Axle Swap.

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I need info on a solid axle swap for the front. Concerns, price ranges, and amount of fab, steering and what axle, gearing and anything else I need to know.
O1 Nissan frontier 4x4 crcrew cab,
Thanks, your info is aprreciated.
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Foa coilovers, shops going to do it. I think I need an axle with the same gearing as the rear. Not looking into anything extreme. Just an all around off road vehicle.
Yes, but I got quoated 8200 for Ibeam setup from BTF. Looking into maybe a d44 up front. I would get more use out of a 4x4. Still have the transfer case. Riding on 265's.
They said they would.
What is the stock gearing on the frontier. Most of the quote was for the labor and fab.
2001 lsd rear axle.
HG49 - found in mid year 2001+ Frontiers and Xterras. H233B / R200 combo with 4.90:1 gears.
Dana 44 - Front
Gears - General recomendations
4.89 gears for 31's - 37's
Thanks for the help. I was considering perry. I think his beam setup runs around 5 k. Seen his work too. Its beaming it, sas it, or junken it. Weighing out my options. The sas sounds like as much work or if not more than beaming it. If anyone wants pics of the carnage i'll post them later. Got plenty. The guy that did it moved and probably skiped town. I keep seeing your truck terrible one in OB looks sick.. I'll get his # off the site. If not I'll PM you.
1 - 6 of 24 Posts
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