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I've got a speedo calibrator from Hypertech for sale, fits 2005-2021 Frontier based on Nissan saying the cluster uses the same plug for all those years. I have used it on two 2019s, worked perfectly. Some programming on the computer needed which I can walk the buyer through and I have a write up on it.

I bought this for my automatic truck for an expected gear change. When I traded trucks for the manual I kept the calibrator but then later learned I don't need it on the manual truck because the speedometer signal is generated differently. So this will for work for tires or gears on an automatic, and tires on a manual. It's one year old and works flawlessly. I wrapped the wiring in loom and tape for a bit of extra protection against chafing on the dash frame. Installs easily in about 20 minutes if you are fast and know what you're doing, about an hour if not.

Frontier Wiring T-Harness
USB A to Micro-USB Computer cable
Hypertech calibrator module

$160 shipped. Open to reasonable offers.

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