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So I've found myself to be overly OCD about the factory bedliner, seeing as I use it as a truck and have scratched it several times in the four short months I've owned it.

I go back and forth between wanting an uber-spensive hard tri fold (Bakflip F1) for the sake of having a "secure trunk" when not hauling stuff, and preventing fade on the liner. I'm not sold on being relegated to hauling shorter items (without folding, of course).

I plan to have the local Line-X spray my factory liner with their overcoat (supposed to prevent fading and stains), which will help me with the OCD. I'm 6'2", so camping in my bed will be tough though doable. I'd carry the pups in the bed for short city driving trips, and the canopy makes sense to me. I do, however, have a couple questions about the softopper...

1) I assume that I'll leave it up most of the time. I'm in the south, so no harsh winters (just hot summers). How long can I expect it to hold up? I like the idea of the tan model (black p4x) with the mesh window (should prevent cracking). I'd hate to drop $700 on it for only a couple years of use

2) Just how water resistant are they? I'd like to be able to sleep in the bed should the situation require, and would hate to wake up soaked.

3) I wouldn't mind a hard shell, but I'm not dropping over $1k for a bed solution. Are they any other considerations/options?

I'm not carrying anything in the bed that can walk, outside of utilitrack mounted rotopax w/locking handles, which will hopefully reduce the chance of vandalism.

Help educate me!

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First off, get over your OCD... Its a truck, the bedliner is there to get the crap beat out of it, if it gets scratched of fades, who cares?

I've had a tan softtopper for a little over 2 years now and love it. I bought mine used from another member on here for about half of new price. Its up on the truck nearly all of winter (except when the dirt bikes need to go in) and a good portion of summer. Mine has started to show some age but mostly in the snaps and such. I have broken the two rear button snaps on one side due to dust getting in them and making them nearly impossible to remove (mind you I live on a dirt road, probably won't be an issue for you).
As far as leaks, It doesn't. Some seem sealer when you first get it and your good. It's like a Jeep softtop where it gets some water in at the corners and thats it. You could sleep in it no problem. With that said, its not good about keeping dust out.

One thing that I really don't like about it is that it absolutely kills visibility. Its like driving a panel van with no windows. Even when the rear window is clean its still hard to see out. Mine is perpetually dirty from dust so I can't see out pretty much 100% of the time while its up. You'll want a backup cam and some blind spot mirrors. This has a side benefit of nobody else being able to see in.

As for other options, if you can do with a hard shell buy a used one. You can find from on Craig's pretty regularly for about $500, some for less even. I switched to a soft top from a hard shell as I needed to haul dirt bikes and such often and a hard shell does not allow this without removal. A hard shell will also keep the bed liner from fading since that seems to matter to you.
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