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SoCal: New Fronty owner T.B.D.

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Hi guys, I am new to the whole truck world but no stranger to Nissans.

After owning Z's and current Alti owner, I am currently in the market for a 2010 Fronty SE 4x4. This is due in part of growing up and soon to be home owner. So moving from my apartment, Home Depot and furniture store, I'd rather not ask to 'borrow' my buddies truck again.

Figured since I already maxed out the potential of the Alti by installing a hitch to haul my bikes around, going on the back roads of Arizona and taking many camping trips... it might be time to upgrade to something bigger with a bed.

Been a lurker and like all the Nissan forums I've been member of, CF has many good people with full of knowledge.

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Couldn't change title to take out ' T.B.D.' but want to report that they Alti is gone and taking its place is a silver '10 SE 4X4 CC.

BIG THANKS!! to Danny, Andrew and Jason from FONTANA NISSAN for getting me a great deal and making the buying experience enjoyable. During the truck shopping, they are the only dealership that stands out. Pulled out all the stops and even sent me off with some gifts.

Thanks Guys! See you at the meet in Aug. Hopefully some mods before the show so these stock photos won't be stock for much longer.


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nice choice of a truck. welcome to the party!
Haha, twins.

My first choice was Brick Red in same configuration but none in SoCal or Cali. Didn't want to special order since the current deals/incentives are hard to pass up. At least silver hides scratches and dirt better than the other colors.
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