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SoCal Inland Empire Run (Meet)

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There's another thread on this meet, but I decided to make a new one since the original one was pics about the Fontana Nissan meet. A couple of us are going back up to Lytle Creek this Saturday and meeting at the Jack In the Box off the 15fwy and Sierra in Fontana. On our way up we'll be stopping by the ranger station and be provided with maps in order to stay on legal trails and avoid tickets (spoke to them on the phone). I also plan to make a video so those of you participating be ready for your frontiers close up and directors directions lol. I want to hype up our SoCal meets, we never seem to have enough of them. Well Here's the list and Saturday was already decided as the day (12/19/09 @ 9:30am, Open to suggestions for time change).

NAME, Preferred Date for Run, 1st Choice & Second Choice, Run Spot, and Chance of Attend. Also list recovery equipment if any. Thanks!
1.Frontier279--(Friday, Open to Saturday)--Open--95%
2.S13Disco--(Saturday) I'm 4x4 and have 3 straps and i always carry shovels_95%
3.YAMI-FRONTIER -70% SATURDAY (or there is always cleghorn fire rd. - just another option)

Please copy and paste the whole list info. (you know the routine) thanks!
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Fontana/Cleghorn is pretty far for me to just go out an put around for an hour or two; but if you guys come a little south at all I am definitely in. I am typically free Friday,Saturday, Sunday of every week. After 12/22 I am gone till mid January, but as soon as I get back I will be hitting up Ocotillo on the regular till it's too hot.
lets go rock crawling again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bring firebreed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:laugh:
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