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SO VA roll call

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Where are all my Southern Virginia Fronty's at? Wanna make some buddies and plan some trips this year. :thumbup:
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I know there has to be someone living close to me in VA!! I guess it was worth asking, or not.
Im not sure how far you are down but I think Mike and myself will be planning a run in the George Washington National Forest soon (GWNF)
I'm about an hour south east of roanoke. I live right beside the martinsville speedway. Where about in the forest y'all trying to ride?
I'm game as long as I can get off work. Thinking about camping or a day trip?
we usually just do a day Mikes like 1h 30 m and im about 2h 40m from the trails ,I work every Sat so I cant meet until around 10-11
Not too far of a truck for me to get there. What's the trails look like around there? Never been. Been wanting to really bad.
Looks like an awesome trip! I only have 2" of lift :)thatswck:) but this month I am placing my order with AC on my suspension lift. Think I would be fine with just the 2" or should I be in a hurry to put that Sl on? Any dates in mind yet?
you should be ok we go slow.we talked yesterday and I think maybe 2-3 weeks to give the snow more time to melt I have been to the GWNF and seen a foot of snow in April.My winch gos on this week so hopefully no 1 will be stuck
Count me in for it. Hopefully I will be off work or I can get off. I'm off every other weekend so 50/50.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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