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So Cal- 08 Frontier Owner

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Sup everybody, been lurking around and received a lot of good info here while installing my wiring for trailer. Anyways decided to start posting and hope to start modding my Frontier. Would like a lift kit ( something small nothing obsurred, ) and um had a few questions regarding towing. Well anyways here are some pics of my truck.

let me know what you guys think.


08 Frontier Se Crew Cab 4x2
Got her brand new. 8 miles on the odo.

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really like those pics. welcome to the club.

you looking for a lift that looks or performs?
how tall you wanting?
yeah. your 4x2, no no on the drop bracket. there is no reason for you to have it.

so your wanting that tall? i know you can spindle lift. coilovers, spacers. pick your poison.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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