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Snow and my frontier....

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I have a 2003 frontier crew cab lb auto 4x4, I want to find a good set of tires for snow/mud around factory size or very close. I also want to lift it, probably an inch or two. Not the full 3in i did on my 98 (it was a monster in the snow...).

This is my daily driver so I want it to be able to go down the road at highway speeds (sometimes 75mph). It seems to be lacking power as it is not being supercharged...

I was planning on a/t revos and a shackle/ torsion crank for 1-2in safely.
I would like to do a limited slip/ locker in the rear too

(truck spins both a lot and 2 very little, when i lifted the rear and spun one tire the other didnt spin but the driveshaft did...? maybe it does have limited slip)

here is a pic of my 1998 after the winch last year... ( it did awesome in the snow with no traction lockers/limited slip....)

here in nebraska we had well over 3 feet of snow on the ground in omaha for over a month, that was a blast pulling people in ditches out, I even winched a fed ex truck out once..


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I have driven with bfg ats and I own a set of general at2s and I would prefer the AT2s. They are about the same off road, but the generals handle better on the street and are cheaper. They do good off road and I've had mine in mud sand and snow. They also wear pretty good. Mine have have tread and Ive put 23k on them of me driving like a maniac and doing burnouts and stuff
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