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Came to this forum , when seaching for tire-pressure , do that almost every day.
Live and was born in Holland ( Europe) and once got hold of the official formula for calculating pressure for a sertain load on tire, and went running with it.
Now call myself "Dutch Pigheaded Selfdeclared Tirepressure-specialist".

Learned much about tires and tirepressure by the internet, and mailing people who seemed to know about it, but also contacted a few tire-makers to ask for information.
A few names , Roger Marble ( on fora Tireman9), Barry Smith ( on fora Capriracer), and an American IR J.C.Daws, of who I found an article about an alternative way of calculating and compare with the official calculation in Europe and America ( different calc).

Concluded my own universal formula of wich all the others found can be made by placing other power and construction load ( Lc) in it. And concluded my own Power and Lc, that sertainly wont give to low pressure, so extra save.
Now use that in my made Motorhome and traveltrailer tirepressure calculators, for wich I learned myself Excell.

Have not been able to react in the topic , so first will introduce myself, mayby then I can answer.

But there a thing often done in America , swiching for sometimes even Standard load tires, wich carry their maximum load AT 35psi ( EUR 36 psi) to E-load tires wich carry maximum load AT 80 psi ( EUR 10 Plyrated also 80 psi but exeptions possible).

For that you need for the same load a bit higher pressure , For instance Standard load needed 30 psi , then C-load about 40 psi. this is because of the stiffer tire ( to hold higher pressure in) at same deflection, lesser surface on the ground .

Dont own a car of this forum , so only will react on tire-related questions

Greatings from this Dutch Pigheaded Selfdeclared Tirepressure-specialist.
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