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Signal / Indicator Mirror Question

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Hello Navara members! :hi: :hi:

I am investigating the possiblity of coverting 2nd generation (D40) US Frontier side mirrors to your 08-up Navara signal/indicator mirrors. I found out there are at least two different size mirrors. US Frontiers are approximately 13cm x 22cm while Navaras are 18cm x 22cm.

I also found out there is a Nissan retrofit PN# of B6165-EB71A that is essentially a chrome cover with the led turn idicators that can be attached to existing Navara mirrors.

My question: Can any Navara owner confirm that indeed your side mirrors are 18x22 cm?
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Yes the facelift D40 mirrors are indeed 18 x 22cm, they also incorporate a 'puddle' light underneath.

cheers Neil
Thanks Neil. Looks like I will be scouring the Internet for late model Navara Signal/puddle/heated mirrors or buying Navara mirrors and installing the retrofit kit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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