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I have a navara 2007 STX D40 V6 auto when braking to a stop last 20km/hr sort of feeling like it is shuddering harder you depress the brake pedal more noticeable. It feels exactly like when you reverse then pop it into driver just that type of little shudder. I think it is the gear box what do you think any others with this simular shudder.

Is there any shudder at higher speeds when brakin? Shudder like that when braking is more likely to be warped brake rotors, the D40 rotors are known to be soft and therefore prone to warp. Be the easiest and cheapest solution, just get the rotors machined(if still within spec) and some new pads.
I have 2x autos and they both seem to pulse(surge slightly) during the last few metres before the car comes to a complete stop, there doesn't seem to be any issues with either.
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