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Shrockworks Skid Plates

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Found this on the South Florida Craigslist:

nissan frontier skid plates.

shrockworks skid plates, fits 05 and up models. front and rear diffs, and transmissin and transfer case. I think they were over 150 a piece new...u can check them out at email me if interested.


These are not mine, I just saw them advertised and thought I would pass them on.

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thats a good deal on those
is this your listing? dibs pending pics?
Not my ad, contact the person posting it.
thanks i did
I just talked to him his name is Mitch ,someone in FL willing to go get them and ship them to me I will pay you 50.00 to just go pick them up and might be willing to pay you more to ship them to me plus I pay all shipping he only wants 40.00 for all 4 he said he leaves tomorrow and needs them gone now.Hes located in ft lauderdale
The ad has now been removed........
he might be waiting for me to call him back
I don't mind picking them up for you, except I can only do it over the weekend.
Jeff024, I picked them up, all there was Gen 2 Transmission plate, Gen 2 Oil pan plate, and 1 Axle plate. The Axle plate looks much different then the one on site now. I found out it came off an 05 SE 4x4 without locking diff. They have some surface rust from sitting outside. I can get some pictures up by the weekend if you still want them. Here are pics from the shrockworks site.



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i'd be interested in the oil pan plate if it falls thru with jeff. i spoke to this guy and he told me 2 of the skids were shrock, and 2 were not. asked to call me to explain which were which and he never called me back
ill pic up whatever falls through with the shrock plates
the axle skid may be from 4x4 parts
Thanks penski61 for the info. Everyone, I will getting pics up Saturday morning. Just let everybody know I predict shipping will expensive due the weight and bulk of the items.


will take anything left over.
Everyone, I'm dealing Jeff first and if that falls through for any reason I will make a list of people in order of contacting me. Please be patient.


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