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Show your sub boxes

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So I just picked up 2 JL 10w3's and a 500w amp.

Im looking to make a sub box and I want to see what people have already made.

I want to do a little more research on maximizing the efficency of the subs with designing the box.

oh and i have a kingcab, but id still like to see crew cab designs too
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i dont even need to sho pix..
my set up is hella ghetto...
still got my 2 tens chillin in my old box in da back seat...
i have a crew cab.. so i have the rear seat folded up so
only 2 other people can ride with me.. but dam it sounds hella good..
this is mine

check out my cardomain page it's got the pics of the fiber glass boxes i made for my 10"s
theres not much space to work with back there. Im thinking of either taking out the driverside jump seat and then making a box that takes up like 60% the width, OR 2 seperate boxes under the front seats.

you took off the plastic under the seats? i just checked those out for the first time today, the passenger one comes apart more... i dont think id use that aspect of it... But then again i dunno when im gonna use those back seats anyways.

yeah there is only a couple of screws that attach that piece for the baby seat so it comes right off, i cant remeber but it think you have to cut some extra fabric from the seat if you take it off. but that really restricted the space i had to work with so it had to go.
I'm thinking about this set up instead of the convential bass heavy system:

Kenwood CD (single deck) Player
Phoenix Gold (4 channel X 62.5watts w/bass x-over) Amp Driver's Side Front Seat
Infinity 6X9s (4 ohm 100 watt rated) Fronts
JL 6in Sub (8 ohm 75 watt rated) Rears
Infinity 1in Tweeters (4 ohm 50 watt rated) Dash

Let me know what you think?

Everything sounds cool, but I would put an 8 or 10 inch subwoofer in, because I believe it would sound better and you have more options on how you want the bass.

Which kenwood deck do you plan on getting. I have the kenwood KDC-X790.


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Kenwood KDC-MP2032 AM/FM WMA/MP3/CD Receiver (the non-color version)

I would like to go with 8in subs in the back doors, but I don't think they'll fit. The reason I am going with the 6s is that I don't want to spend over $850 on the system. I already have the Phoenix Gold amp and just need to buy the other components and have them installed.

Later if I want to adapt another mono amp just to run a single 10in sub under the rear passenger side seat, then that Kenwood can do it because it has 2 pair RCA outlets.
By the way, that install kit looks very contemporary, very nice indeed.
I hear where your coming from. Thanx, that is the scosche dask kit for the radio, heres the part number: NN1491B. Hope this helps.
Sweet, I'm going to try and get that one!
thanks for um hijacking this thread... :roll:

so i feel bad taking a seat out, ive rethought a design and i think im gonna try 2 subs facing eachother vertically behind the arm rest
i didnt want to take out the seat as well. but ever place i went to, best buy, curict city ect... said they couldnt make anything fit behind the back seat. i found a custom shop in
victorvile, ca. dont remember the name. anyways the had a pair of subs made by ICON.
the magnet is on the inside of the cone to save space. they made a custom box, installed
the 2 10" subs, and put the 800 watt amp underneath the drivers seat.


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Sweet, looks like there is not a lot of cubic air space in that enclosure, very creative!
I got a '01 crew cab and put 2 fosgate 8's(cant remember model number right now) in a box i built behind the back seat. The box is the exact cubic feet fosgate said to use for the speakers. It sounds alright, the only real problem is it vibrating the back seat. The seat is like a huge massage chair now. The ladies like it but when nobody is sitting back there it distorts the bass really bad. Sorry no pics right now.
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