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Shout out for a small shop in San Diego

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I have had my Fronty since November. I had a leveling kit prior on my Titan so I knew I wanted one. I spent the last couple months looking at all the different sizes and companys. I learned a lot from these threads. I finally settled on the Ready lift SST kit. It is a 2.5/1.5 kit. It was more expensive than some online kits but also came with bumpstops and camber bolts. The kit retails for $325 everywhere. San Diego has many Off Road shops so I started getting estimates for the install. (I'm just too busy to do it myself and didn't want to mess with the camber bolts). Two of the major stores, 4wheel parts and ORW, quoted me over $700 OTD with an alignment. I found SoCal suspensions in El Cajon,CA through a Craigslist ad. He is a one bay shop that only does suspension work. He ordered the kit and had it the next day. Installed, out the door, fully aligned, and looking good in about 4.5 hours, for $525. Great customer service!
SoCal Suspension Garage, San Diego Suspension Specialists
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The kits are easy to install, however you got a great price considering that the guy did an alignment and installed your cam bolts. Nice find!
Thanks....I just really dont have the time lately! He are a few pics with the kit installed and the stock 265/75/16's


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Looks Great! Do you get any coil bucket contact?
Looks Great! Do you get any coil bucket contact?
Thanks.... no, no contact. But then again I havent had it off road yet just over speed bumps.

Ok ... so I saw this parked stock Nismo...and had to see if the difference is noticable
truk looks good. glad to see other frontier truks in san diego (i'm from chula vista) getting lifted. i'll have to check out that shop when i decide to pick up the calmini 5 inch lift.
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